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Top 17 Blogs From 2017

  His Boys Spread Across Our Coffee Table?
  Morgan LeShade, Tampa Photographer

 Photo Source: Black Rose Photography      Model: Teo
   Click on the pic above and check out the work of Photographer Morgan LeShade. We of course focused on the images of exotic male dancers in the blog featuring Morgan, but his work includes much more. Take a few minutes and view the sexy boys (and girls) found at Black Rose Photography.

  Daydreaming And Thinking Of Beaux From KC
  The Males In Motion April Obsession

  Photo Source: Men Of Skin
   Click on the pic above and find out why Beaux was selected as the Males In Motion 2017 April Obsession. The Men Of Skin are known for staging quality exotic male dancer entertainment. Check out the stable of hotties found in their social media and website.

  The Year End Happy Ending
  Eric, Males In Motion December Obsession
  from X-Room at Mardi Gras
  Springfield, Massachusetts
   Click the pic above and check out the fine ASS-ets of Eric, Mr. X-Room who we chose as the Males In Motion 2017 December Obsession. The X-Room at Mardi Gras in Springfield, Massachusetts is one of our favorite places to play. The fact that it is an all-nude male strip club might play into our decision a bit. But, we also love the people who work and play there!

  When He Rubs His Crystal Ball
  You'll Be Under His Spell
  The Magic Of Grayson L Knight-Lites
  Our July Obsession

  Photo Source: Grayson's Facebook Page
   Grayson is the fantasy superhero you take into your naughty daydreams. The city of Columbus, Ohio has a wealth of amazing exotic male dancers and Grayson is definitely one of our favorites. Click the pic above and find out why we named him the 2017 Males In Motion July Obsession.

  It's All About Dick

  Photo Source: Southern Nights ~ Tampa, FL
   In 2017 Males In Motion became an advertising affiliate of the Andrew Christian brand of underwear. We feel that underwear like the Andrew Christian brand can make a contribution to the success of exotic male dancers. There must be others who agree, making this blog #13 for the year. Click the pic above and check out other dancers wearing the AC brand. See if you agree.

  The Corner Pocket ~ New Orleans, Louisiana
  My Kind Of Party!
   One night is never enough for me when I visit the Corner Pocket in New Orleans, LA. I always plan for two. I always find male dancers "boys on the bar" who motivate me to want to tip. The Corner Pocket and New Orleans are on the top of our lists of places to party. Click the pic above to see more eye candy and you'll be motivated to book your hotel reservation in New Orleans.

  Big Easy On My Mind
  Johnathan in New Orleans
  Males In Motion November Obsession
   Johnathan, the fair-haired hottie, in the Crescent City caught our attention in November. Click the pic above and count the reasons why we selected him to be the Males In Motion November Obsession. Watch the video clip and hear that sexy voice. Once again The Corner Pocket maintains its place as a exotic male dancer fan destination.

  Maximizing Income As A Male Dancer
  Guest Blogger Laura Mendenhall
  Owner/Manager of Area 18 in Tulsa, OK

  Photo Source: Area 18 Facebook Page  &tbsp;Photo by Rick Craig   Dancer: K.O.
   We love guest bloggers particularly when they have the experience to back up what they say like Laura Mendenhall. All male dancers should heed her advice and listen to her wise suggestions for making more in tips. Click the pic above to see more pics of sexy male dancers from the state of Oklahoma. Who knows you might decide to start a new career as an exotic male dancer as well!

  The Birds And The Bees
  The Dancing Boys That Have
  Given Us Spring Fever!

  Photo Source: 340 Nightclub ~ Pomona, CA
   It was springtime and all of nature was coming alive again. There were intense feelings beginning to stir. And these feelings were ignited by exotic male dancers. We picked a few that stirred us up, and our readers must have agreed.

  Six Ways To Make More In Tips
  Mike's Suggestions To Male Dancers
  And These Are Easy!

  Photo Source:Spunk at Monster Bar by Luis Gomez Presents
   One of the main goals of Males In Motion is to assist male dancers and the bars/clubs/events that feature them. It is our hope that each is successful both financially and as an entertainment venue. We write blogs like this based on our knowledge of the industry to provide tips and suggestions that will lead in that direction. Click on the pic above and see how well your favorite exotic male dancer is doing.

  Now Move Your Ass... I Like That
  Getting Dirty With Reggie Cox
   The Males In Motion May Obsession

  Photo Source: Reggie Cox Facebook Page   Photo by: Black Rose Photography
   Reggie Cox is the type of male dancer that gives one naughty thoughts. I think he must be personally responsible for many a dirty mind. Of course, that only makes us like him even more. And, that is one of the many reasons he was selected to be the Males In Motion 2017 May Obsession. Click the pic above and see more pics of his sexy body, and read why we have naughty daydreams about him.

  Fourteen Days Of Male Glory
  Mike's Picks For Male Dancers
  In Fourteen Locations!

  Photo Source: The Floppy Rooster and Mark's List
   When I selected these 14 locations for male dancer venues I'd like to visit, little did I know that several of them would close their doors before the end of 2017. It was a tough year for many establishments. Do you know which ones have closed? Click the pic above to find out.

  Grooming For The Exotic Male Dancer
  These Tips And Suggestions Will Work For Dancers
  As Well As Customers

  Photo Source: Males In Motion   Model: Clay
   Are you keeping a check on that breath? And you know with a lot of go-go dancing, pole swinging, lap dances, etc., you could start to smell a little. Click the pic above and check out these fun tips to make sure you stay fresh as a daisy!

  Don't Believe Me Just Watch
  Gettin' Naked With Bryce Adonis
  Males In Motion June Obsession

  Photo Source: Bryce Adonis
   Bryce is the bad boy who likes to tease. And we just keep coming back for more. He's a leader in the exotic male dancer industry and a Males In Motion friend. Click the pic above and follow Bryce and the Men Of Eden. He likes to 'pop up' at all-nude male stripper venues and that's just fine with us! We like him going and coming, or from all sides, that is why we selected him to be the Males In Motion June Obsession.

  Give It To Me!
  Johnny W. Dangerously
  Our March Obsession

  Photo Source: Johnny W. Dangerously Facebook
   Johnny has been featured in more Males In Motion blogs than any other single male dancer. There is a reason for that. He has the complete package and knows how to entertain, tease and promote. If there are any guys wanting to get into the exotic male dancer business, then follow Johnny and watch what he does. And of course, we at Males In Motion absolutely adore him. Click on the pic above and find out even more reasons we selected Johnny to be the Males In Motion 2017 March Obsession. And we are still saying, "Give it to me Johnny!"

  Could you check under my hood please?
  Ricky "the Mechanic" Spanish
  Our February Obsession

  Photo Source: Ricky's Facebook Page   Photo by Josh New
   Ricky was one of the most popular male dancers we featured in 2017. Everyone fell in love with that smile and amazing body. We fell in love with him too, and selected him to be our Males In Motion 2017 February Obsession. Ricky was a regular dancer at Area 18 in Tulsa, OK which closed its doors in August. After that, Ricky retired from dancing. We have made several attempts to lure him back in but to no avail. That doesn't mean we'll stop trying. Click on the pic to see more of that smile...and other things!

  Two Hands Are Needed
  Stock Bar in Montreal
  Nude Male Dancers Online

  Photo Source: Stock Bar Website
   Yes boys and girls, male nudity is still popular with gay men and straight women. Who knew? Our review of the Stockbar website was the most popular blog of 2017. Could it be the pics of naked men? And not only naked men but naked men with bubble butts, toned bodies and large penises! Click the pic of the naked male dancer above and enjoy the show!

   The rankings are based on number of traffic hits on the blog. Thank you to everyone who followed us in 2017. We hope to see you again in 2018 as we track the exotic male dancers around North America! Until next time, don't forget to tip the boys!

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